Dr Ruth Selig


Ruth Selig has been working as a clinician predominantly with children for nearly 30 years, in paediatric medicine and child and adolescent mental health.  She has strong interest in family function and the interaction between family members.

Dr Selig uses a bio-psychosocial approach to assessment and treatment of mental health conditions.  She uses object-relations psychotherapy together with other evidence based treatments.  

Dr Selig has a special interest in children and adolescents in the family context.

Dr Selig conducts medicolegal assessments as the Single Expert witness in Family Court disputes. She does not see workers compensation or other medico-legal cases.

For new patients Dr Selig mainly sees patients under 18 but will see young adults if they are in full time study and still living with their family.  Usually one or both parents would attend at least the first appointment depending on the age of the young person.

Please ensure that the funding sources are known prior to booking a Family Assessment.